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Being arrested or charged with a criminal offence can be an extremely stressful experience. Not only can a criminal conviction have immense repercussions on your employment and your ability to travel to other countries, but it can have severely affect your standing and reputation amongst the wider community and your family and friends.

That’s why engaging a tried and tested criminal defence solicitor is in your best interests. Not only will they provide you with quality legal advice but they will do so in plain English so that you feel more reassured and prepared for whatever comes next.

O’Brien Murphy Solicitors are that firm. We are fearless in the face of adversity, passionate about upholding our clients’ best interests and experienced in all areas of the criminal justice system. This winning combination is what makes us so successful in handling all criminal law matters – from minor public order offences and road traffic offences to serious assault allegations and murder charges.

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      Driving offences


By far one of the most common offences we see on a day-to-day basis, our team of expert criminal law solicitors have vast amounts of experience dealing with driving offences – ranging from drunk and drug driving offences to traffic offences including driving without a licence or insurance. A conviction for most driving offences will result in disqualification, which often adversely impacts the ability to earn a livelihood. That’s why engaging an experienced solicitor is so important.

 Serious crime


If you have been arrested on suspicion of a crime, it’s vital you engage an experienced criminal defence solicitor as soon as possible. Serious crimes may include murder or attempted murder, manslaughter, assault, sexual offences including rape and defilement, fraud, cases involving the Criminal Assets Bureau, robbery including aggravated burglary, possession of firearms or offensive weapons, blackmail and extortion, kidnapping, and threats to kill.

Serious crimes require specialist expertise, not least because they often involve large amounts of evidence and paperwork but because they also often raise difficult and complicated issues of law. Our experience, legal knowledge, technical know-how and resource capabilities means that we are well equipped to deal with the most demanding and challenging cases.

     Drug offences


Drug offences are often treated extremely seriously in Ireland. Unfortunately, a conviction for even the most minor drug possession offence can have career ending consequences. At O’Brien Murphy Solicitors, we have extensive experience in defending individuals accused of drug related offences, including the possession of drugs, possession with intent to distribute and the importation of drugs.

      Internet offences


A relatively new area of law, internet crime prosecutions and convictions are on the rise. Internet offences can vary from relatively minor offences include spamming, illegal downloads, hacking and copyright infringement to quite serious offences including possession of child pornography. Call our team of expert criminal law solicitors for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your case.

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If you have been charged with a criminal offence, have been asked to attend a Garda station to give a statement, or you have been summoned to appear in Court, you need legal advice immediately. It is never advisable to do any of these without first speaking to a experienced criminal law solicitor.

At O’Brien Murphy Solicitors, we guarantee to provide you with a high quality and professional service from day one. Not only are experts in criminal law but we work with some of the country’s top barristers and experts to ensure that you receive the best advice and defence possible.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you or if you would like to avail of a free, no obligation consultation, contact our criminal law team on 01 874 6959 or by email to

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